For $14, you can name that critter – Valentine’s Day campaign seeks titles, homes for pets (, 2.4.24)

The Norfolk SPCA is asking the community to show some love for its furry rescues this Valentine’s Day.

The shelter is accepting donations toward the care and enrichment of its dogs, cats and rabbits. A $14 contribution allows the donor to name an animal the shelter rescues this year.

Tammy Lindquist, community engagement manager, said donors already have given a few of the newest rescue puppies and kittens names — and some are “really clever.” The shelter now has a Magnificent Mutt and a Harold.

In the first three days, Lindquist said the shelter raised about $1,000. The campaign ends Feb. 29, but not before the critters get gussied up for the holiday.

SL Nusbaum CARES (SLN Cares), a community outreach initiative funded by a local real estate company, will partner with the shelter to put on a special Valentine’s Day party. There will be special treats and a photo shoot to get the animals ready for some matchmaking.

The goal is to select some of the pets who have been at the shelter the longest and feature their profiles on social media. Lindquist said the goal is not just to raise money. They aim to help rescues find that special someone — a forever home.

For more information, visit the Norfolk SPCA’s website.

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